Ambassador's Message

Dear all stakeholders and clients as well as other esteemed visitors to this website, you are welcome to know more about us and our country Uganda.

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, based in Washington D.C, is accredited to U.S.A for promotion of bilateral relations in the political, security, economic, social and cultural fields. It is also accredited to the following countries on anon-residential basis: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The Embassy also coordinates programs for the development of Uganda with the global financial institutions, namely; the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund(IMF), as well as the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO), all headquartered in Washington D.C.

In view of the wide scope of coverage of the areas of accreditation, the Embassy is supported by Honorary Consulates of Uganda in Atlanta-Georgia; Buenos Aires-Argentina;Chicago-Illinois; Dallas-Texas; Denver-Colorado; Los Angeles-California; San Diego-California; and Seattle-Washington. The networks of the Honorary Consuls help to enhance the Embassy's outreach and bringing services closer to our clients as well as tap into opportunities for trade, investment and tourism.

The mandate of the Embassy is to promote and protect Uganda's national interests in the U.S.A and the other countries of accreditation. The interests relate to the quest for national development,prosperity, peace and security as well as concord among all nations. Therefore the thrust of the Embassy's delivery is to promote Economic and Commercial Diplomacy and other programs that enhance the prosperity, security and good image of Uganda taking into account mutually beneficial collaborative programs.

The then British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, described Uganda as "THE PEARL OF AFRICA" and indeed a country gifted by nature: all year green; mountains; angulating hills; plateaus; variety of fauna and flora; hospitable climate;intersected by the equator; lots of water bodies including Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in the world; and River Nile, the second longest river in the world after River Mississippi in USA; as well as welcoming people.

Therefore, through this website, all are welcome to visit Uganda and enjoy the splendors in the country. Apart from tourism, there are many business opportunities in investment and trade. Uganda operates one of the most liberalized economies in Africa with guaranteed safety of invested funds, high return on investments and freedom to repatriate one's capital and profits at any time. Uganda is a member of the EAC and COMESA, which provide a large market for especially trade in services and manufactured goods. Ugandan products can also be sold on the wider world market.

Uganda is a democratic country, holds periodic elections and upholds the tenets of good governance, rule of law and respect of human rights including freedom of press and speech. Despite its size, Uganda has over 120 radio stations in addition to the vibrant print and other electronic media as well as unhindered access to the internet.

The website is linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters' website, websites of other Ugandan Embassies abroad and a selected Ugandan Ministries and Agencies including those associated with the priority areas of trade, investment and tourism.

Lastly, welcome to Uganda and welcome to do business with Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Karibu tena.